Thursday, 16 February 2012

Competition Time

Ok, heads up... Competition time!

Here's the deal.

I need a new name! I mean what's in a name? Everything. In order to make a business bloom you need to give it some love, right? So I want you to give my company some love.

With U in Mind is currently the gift and craft side of our company, but I want you to help out and give me a name. Being an experienced florist who is going to offer the arrangement to the gift, the carnation to Mothers Day and of course the Poinsettia to the Christmas creation I need a name that is going to ring right with you, the customer, follower and fan!!

What I need you to do is leave you ideas below. Post a comment with your business name for our Florist store. We will be running the competition for one month - closing date the 16th of March!

And yes, I am offering a prize. Not only does the winner get to have their company name idea put to my blog, my Facebook page and my business cards, you get one of my flowers arrangements too. It is an artificial arrangement, but that means it doesn't matter where you are, you will get your prize regardless of distance.

Here's the prize!

So remember - comment with you idea below and I will notify the winner on March 16th!

Just to get you started here are some ideas: Wild about Flowers, Petite Petals, Floral Frenzy....

Ready set... GO!

1 comment:

  1. I can't pick a fave one but I like, Stems of hope, An angel in the garden, By any other name and Precious petals.